Our Director

Lora Wright, shown here with our Founding Director and Queen of Harmony Helen Peters, comes to us after 26 years in Sweet Adelines from a family deeply rooted in barbershop.  She sings tenor most of the time, but has sung Lead and Baritone in choruses and quartets. Lora was a member of the Heart of Illinois Chorus for many years before leaving the chorus after the region asked her to direct the Quad City Chorus. She was the region’s Young Women in Harmony Coordinator for 4 years and served as Communications Coordinator on the Regional Management Team in our previous Region 5 and currently serves Region 3 as Director Coordinator. She’s sung in many quartets, competing with Limelight at the International level after winning the Region 5 contest. She has sung with Heart of Illinois, Quad Cities, Metro Mix and St. Louis Harmony Choruses all while living in Galesburg.



Our Assistant Directors

JoEllyn Welch and Vicki Cox provide years of experience as Assistant Directors of the Heart of Illinois Chorus.  Both have sung in the chorus, in several medalist quartets and in other choruses.  Vivian Gerriets recently joined the Assistant Director team as a fairly recent Sweet Adeline member with lots of musical knowledge and experience. We are blessed with three very talented Assistant Directors who are always ready and willing to take a rehearsal or performance in the absence of our Director. They direct songs on shows and performances.  They help with vocal instruction, vocal warm-ups, and share what they've learned about our craft over the years with the chorus.


Music Team

Our Music Team is made up of experienced members from each of the four voice parts.  This team helps select the music we sing.  They record tracks we use to learn our music.  These ladies oversee the success of their voice-part or section.  As section leaders, they provide song feedback to each member individually so we can all have something to work on to make us the best singers we can possibly be.  Miss a rehearsal?  We hate to see that, but you can contact your section leader to make sure you are up to speed before the next rehearsal.  Remember that we record rehearsals on Zoom and share that video on our private Facebook page for HOI Chorus Rehearsals.


Management Team

Team Manager- Lois Hanley

Financial Manager - Ruth Collins

Internal Communications Manager - Pam Isom

Musical Director - Lora Wright

Membership Manager - Diane Scott

Marketing Manager - Laura Baize

Administrative Manager - Julie Frank


2021 Show Committee

Committee Members:  Pam Isom, Laura Baize, Lora Wright, Lynn Barteck, Diane Scott, Vivian Gerrietts, Gayla Scott, Julie Frank, Melanie Ellison, JoEllyn Welch, Karen Beckler